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Write It How I See It


If you had to pick one word to describe me, it would work.

Spontaneous would not.

I don’t exactly embrace change.

I’m not necessarily against it.

I just don’t go looking for it.

I find comfort in the familiar.

I stick to what works.

That’s one of the reasons I make a good boyfriend.

I got about nine other reasons, too.

But, sometimes you need a little change to shake things up.

Give something a good enough shake and you can get some juices flowing.

That’s why the new look on the blog.

I find beauty in the simple things:

Like The Attorney’s white dress shirts.

Or the dimples where a guy’s lower back meets his butt.

Like the Attorney’s.

So, I’m keeping it simple.

Without the bells and whistles.

Because that’s how I see it.

That’s how I write it.

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  1. Good! Keep it simple, that is the best policy in life.

  2. With me, it’s his French blue eyes.

  3. sfjohn sfjohn

    It’s the simplicity of your writing that I think is what we all like – well, that and the obvious 😉
    Really glad your back writing Tony!

  4. Jdw Jdw

    Costant pleasure from reading
    Your new posts. Dwight Williamson

  5. First off a HUGE welcome back! I have wondered how you and your other half ,and the nine other reasons were!!!!! And I couldn’t agree more, simple is so nice, don’t they say less is more?

  6. Many do not appreciate the beauty that is simplicity.

  7. Ron Ron

    Lol, nine other reasons to keep it simple !
    You’re hilarious Tony. 😉

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