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Whatcha Call That Thang?


Someone made fun of me recently for referring to my penis as my “pecker.”

It never seemed silly or unusual to me.  I have called it that for years.

As long as I remember, really.

Maybe it’s a Southern thing.

I’m pretty sure it’s something I picked up from my Daddy.

But, it’s not the only word I use.

“Pecker” is just my everyday-walking-around word.

Sometimes if I am feeling horny and playful,1  I refer to it as “The Beast.”

And when I mean business, it’s “Cock.”

Blunt and to the point.

Those three are pretty much my go-to words, depending on the situation.

So, what do you call it?

  1. and confident. 

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  1. 04/28/2014Jdw says:

    My grandmother used the also southern word tallywhacker. I use the simplistic “dick”. JDW

  2. 04/28/2014DamienOz says:

    Damien Jnr.
    Cock – when Im in action so to speak.

  3. 04/28/2014Sean (The Jeep Guy) says:

    I usually just say your ‘pecker’ is magnificent. Oh….you meant what do I call mine? I really don’t have a specific term and definitely never named it.

    The next question is: Why do guys name their pecker but not their hole?

  4. 04/28/2014Albert says:

    My Johnson or Mr Johnson.

  5. 04/28/2014wfregosi says:

    Back when I was in college in New England, a penis was a dork. One of my fuck buddies refers to his schlong. A couple of friends over the years called theirs “little (their first names).” I just call mine my cock, like you, ’cause I mean business a LOT.

  6. 04/28/2014Moby says:

    Pecker is definitely a southern thang. I usually refer to mine as ‘monster’ or ‘meat’.

  7. 04/28/2014MLZ says:

    Bruno is what I call mine. May is Masterbation Monthalways curious what people call that.

  8. 04/29/2014David Asset says:

    When I’m randy, I call it, “My dick”.

  9. 04/29/2014wfregosi says:

    Moby, I’m surprised you don’t call it your Moby Dick, for a whale of a good time. :-)

  10. 05/4/2014cb says:

    Um, I think yours is less a “pecker” and more a “wrecker”.

    I like to call mine annoyingly humorous things like “DNA Rifle” or “Custard Chucker” or “JizzTube”.

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