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vortex (vawr-teks) :
something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it: the vortex of war. A visible column of activity, irresistible force, etc.

The world could be lost in that vortex.

Let me show you the world.

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  1. 12/22/2013wfregosi says:

    Is this a found image or your own personal vortex? The Attorney’s?

  2. 12/22/2013Moby says:

    I’d hit it, hard!

  3. 12/22/2013Tony says:

    Found image. I barely have a butt. The Attorney has a very nice one. But not of these proportions.

  4. 12/22/2013Chris Newton says:

    you guys are some crackheads;)

  5. 12/22/2013Martin Wisser says:

    :)) God bless you, dear young man. Everyone has their personal idols, so, well. Blame Christmas, when I say I wish you and those around you all the best! Stay around here, please.

  6. 12/22/2013lochinvar says:

    vortex of gay passion

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