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Unintentional Discharge


No doubt that the photographer intends this to be a hot image of an equally hot slab of black man, but every time I look at it, all I can think is “Wow. ┬áThat has got to be the most explosive enema discharge ever.”

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  1. irisgirl irisgirl


  2. Jdw Jdw

    Tony you are truly one man with ass on the brain and I mean that in the nicest way possible.Dwight Williamson

  3. brian brian

    Is it because he is brown and looks angry? Or are we seeing your Southern roots?

  4. Tony Tony’s because he is squatting and looks like he has a flood of frothy water shooting out his ass.

  5. mrteryX mrteryX

    Hot slab. Slab of meat. Meat market. Slave market. Funny how word progressions can lead to negative connotations. I wonder about the subconscious and unconscious intentions. Never the less, I do see the/your visual interpretation. Although, this neutral observation boarders (for me) more negatively. Granted! Not your intention but still, I feel somewhat uneasy (as a black man).

  6. Enema,,,Kudo’s for getting it into a post.

  7. Tony Tony

    I’m sorry if it makes you uneasy, but I would have said the same thing if he was of any race.

  8. mrteryX mrteryX

    Just “uneasy”! Believe me, I will not lose any sleep over it. I certainly do understand your visual interpretation. I just slightly raised my eyebrow. I am not that paranoid. My comment was only to demonstrate how a man of color could view your pictorial interpretation.

  9. yeah I’ll say it. That’s a big ass

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