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That’s The Way I Like It

You ever wonder where your taste comes from?

Not, what you taste like.

But why you like what you like.

The former is probably mostly diet, hygiene, and chemistry.

The latter is probably mostly just chemistry.

Or general science.

You know, magnetic poles and stuff.

Taste, as in attractions.

Recently a buddy made a remark about me liking  older men.

And my first thought was, “I don’t like older men.”

Meaning that I like more than just older men.

Age has never been factor in what butters my biscuits.

But, I will admit that since being with The Attorney I do notice older men more than I used to.

I’m not so sure that’s a change of taste as much as a sliding scale.

Like most people, it’s probably most accurate to say that I tend to like guys in a certain range on either side of my own age.

Given the number of times I have been referred to as a “daddy” in the last couple of years I must be sliding into “older man” status, myself.  And, all things being relative, I guess my tastes are sliding along with it.

Maybe it’s like how as a child, you love anything involving ketchup because of the sweet taste, but as you grow older, your tastes expand as you are exposed to more.

Could it be that all these years with The Attorney has given me a new appreciation for older men?

Or was it always a latent tendency that he finally brought out in me?

Either way, I guess that makes him responsible.

Just like my discovery of an attraction to very tall men.

With extra long legs.

And a wide grin.

And arresting charm.

That’s the way I like it.

How lucky am I that found someone who suits my tastes.1

  1. And who likes the way I taste. 

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  1. Seems that we have similar tastes. Sergio is 8 years my senior.

  2. Regards Ketchup – I didn’t like ketchup for the sweet component,
    oh no – I like the vinegar. To the point on french fries I skip the ketchup
    and go straight for malt or cider vinegar. Yum!

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