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Term of Endowment

I love words.

One of the things that bones me about The Attorney is his insane vocabulary.

A simple game of Scrabble with him is like an Honors English class or something.

As I have mentioned before, I also love to look at my blog stats for search words people used to get here.

So, it’s a bonus when I learn a new word from search terms.

Like this one that popped up over the weekend.

cudgel [kuhj-uh l]

1. a short, thick stick used as a weapon; club.

Thick? Yes.

Weapon? Maybe.


Not so much.

Now that I’ve learned it, I need to use it on The Attorney.

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  1. you could say to the Attorney that he has a nice cudgel.

  2. John John

    Look up “mace”. It sounds more exotic in Polish (“bulawa”).

  3. Here is a possible phrase. Would you like me to cudgel your arse with my…

  4. Patrick Patrick

    Would you like me to cudgel your arse with my truncheon. I know about truncheons. My man has one. Like all police constables he keeps it in his pants and whips it out to beat the unruly into line. Try that on The Attorney. When next you play Scrabble.

  5. Chris Chris

    My relatives that are attorney’s (father, uncle, brother, sister in law) are the same way it must run in that profession.

  6. cb cb

    From your pics, I think you are much more of a “shillelagh”

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