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T Minus Three

I always thought it was odd when people have birthday celebrations for babies and toddlers.

What do they know of birthdays and setting a slab of eggs, butter, and sugar on fire?

At that age, the parties are for the givers, not the recipients.

I think it’s sort of the same at the other end of your life.

Even though you’re old enough to understand the concept of birthdays, you’re also old enough to have reached a point where birthdays just don’t mean as much to you as to those around you.

At 97, I think it’s that way for Granny.

Some recents years, she has even had to be reminded that it was her special day.

So there’s always the question of how far to go.

What do you even do to honor the 97th?

By that time the honoree is so close to 100 that you kind of want to save the best ideas for then. But at same time, when you’re that close to 100, each birthday on the way be the last.

A Twitter friend suggested I get her 97 of her favorite flower. Her favorites are African violets, but they grow in clusters. 97 pots would be overkill and even enough pots to come up with 97 blooms seemed like it would be a bit much.

Her second favorite are tulips. I would have needed to have thought ahead enough and planted 97 bulbs last fall.

And do you know what 97 cut tulips cost?

More than you’d think.

More than I thought, anyway.

So, I decided to go with daffodils.

I don’t know that they are a favorite. But I know she likes them. We have a ton of them growing on our property.

She doesn’t go outside a lot anymore. So, she’s only been able to enjoy them through the window.

Why not bring some in?

So, now there are eight vases, each with a dozen stems, throughout the house.

One more stem, the 97th, will be served tonight with the traditional birthday pound cake.

Here’s hoping she understands what it means.T

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  1. Greg Greg

    Daffodils sound like a delightful solution, especially being as handy as they are! My Gran passed this winter just a couple months shy of 95 – please give your Gran an extra hug from me this evening and wish her Happiness! 🙂

  2. Jdw Jdw

    As long as you know , does it really matter. In my mind , this would surely be the fall to plant those tulip bulbs. Her greatest gift is that she has someone like you- who cares to even count. Dwight Williamson

  3. Ron Ron

    It’s the thought that really counts
    and Tony you gave it a lot of thought.

    She’s so lucky to have such a caring,
    loving and sweet grandson 🙂

    Happy birthday to Granny and a big hug to you for being there for her!!

    All the Best,

  4. victor victor

    She has deserved the best grandson I have ever met and last but
    not least ,she lives in her home.Few of us can expect it when 97

  5. What an incredibly lovely and loving man you are. Do tell her how many of your friends she has never met and will never meet wish her a very happy birthday!

  6. Patrick Andrews Patrick Andrews

    Real nice. The best! Going home for my Mom’s 90th in 3 weeks!

  7. Thomas Thomas

    You’re gonna make me cry, the biggest thing on you is your heart, keep her smiling and enjoying your love, work it Granny and Happy Birthday! !

  8. You never cease to impress me with how much thought you give to what many people would say are the little things……. well done.

  9. Michael Michael

    Awww, that’s sweet!

  10. Joe Joe

    So glad to hear your grandma is still going strong. I know it sounds odd but I followed you through most of the “West of Mayberry” and loved reading about your relationship with her. Then I kind of drifted off when you closed that blog, but found myself wondering about your grandmother the other day so I checked in now, just to see if you had posted anything about her. Funny I should see this post now. You are a gem of a man!

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