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Streaming Full Movie Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Watch Movie Online Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Released July, 07 2017|2 hours 13 minutes

rating-stars 7.3

Movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ was released in July 5, 2017 in genre Action. Jon Watts was directed this movie and starring by Tom Holland. This movie tell story about Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City, with fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.

Directed By : Jon Watts.
Written By : John Francis Daley, Christopher D. Ford.
Produced By : Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal.
Genre : Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.
Language : English.
Country : United States of America.
Production : Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, LStar Capital, Pascal Pictures.

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  1. Sigh. They say All Good Things must come to an end.
    This is one of those Good Things!
    As Sad as I am to have read this, I am Happy for having the chance.
    Don’t think for a moment that you won’t be missed because you certainly will be.

  2. Thomas Thomas

    What a great pic, Bull Shit, we dont need quanity we need quality, love your post, you take all the time you need, we are here if you change your mind, I enjoy you, your humor, your observation in life,you renewal my faith in romantic gay men, and to think it all started with that 3rd leg which we hardly see anymore, instead i enjoy hearing what you have to say, kind of like that guy at the end of 60 minutes lol, but much better looking, im a patient man,
    God bless, Love Thomas 🙂

  3. Chris Newton Chris Newton

    It has been, what can I say, awesome to have gotten to know you and your grandmother, your have been a real bright spot on for the last ten years when I would get down and out. Then the attorney came along and changed everything, what a blessing he has been!
    Take care my friend and keep in touch!

  4. Michael Wightman Michael Wightman

    Tony – I found your blog because of those pictures in your first go-around. I continued to read though because I loved your voice. I loved reading about your love for The Attorney and his love for you. I loved reading about Granny, for whom I have affection for even though I’ve never laid eyes on her. I loved reading about you, and your life, and your fears, and your everything. Thank you for being genuine and honest. I feel like a friend is moving away. Best of luck. Kiss Granny and The Attorney for me; whatever you get back is from me.

  5. Thank you Tony. All the best to you. See you on Twitter.

  6. Calvin Calvin

    Sorry to hear you’re ending your blog. You will be missed very much. All the best to you, Granny and the Attorney.

  7. kipp51 kipp51


    Thank you… your blogs have always been an inspiration
    for me as I navigated my world in the closet. I am now a
    single man living the life I needed. I am sad that you will
    not show up in my email. But I will have to step up my twitter
    usage just to keep up with what is going on in your world.

  8. Thank you. I’ll miss your way with words. I’ll miss your view of life and living. I’ll miss you and Granny and the Attorney.

  9. Paul of Q now in MO Paul of Q now in MO

    Thanks. I AM smiling. Be good to yourself.

  10. Dave Dave


    I rarely comment on your blogs, but I have a few times. I enjoy strong writing, which, like other things, you have in abundance.

    Many will miss your posts, frequent or not. You touched souls. You gave hope. You shown love in many manifestations.

    Your blog will be missed.

  11. Justin Mui Justin Mui

    I can’t be anymore sad to read this post. It was unexpected but I guess it shouldn’t be. I understand. But I disagree. Out of pure selfishness. I LOVE LOVE reading your posts. So insightful. So funny. So thought provoking. So silly. So hot. So well written. You have always left me wanting more. Despite the decreased frequency. I didn’t care. It was the quality of what you wrote that I derived enjoyment from. Not quantity. I already miss your posts now that you’ve stopped. What am I to do. I feel helpless that I have no control over this. If you change your mind, and I hope you do, we will be here to welcome you back. Please think about it. A loyal reader in Vancouver.

  12. Tony,
    Thank you. I read your posts, but usually don’t comment. I suck at commenting on folks blogs. I wish the best to you, Granny and the Attorney. And, if you get the hankering, please start blogging again, if for no reason but to let us know how things are. At Tweet something to me. There is nothing wrong with bringing on a fourth leg. Best to you and will have to meet up next time I hit TN (which I may be in Nashville in October for a friends reception)…Take care… and big ole hugz!

  13. lee lee

    Truly enjoyed your blog. Most memorable was a letter to a friend which was quite interesting. Your devotion to your family is inspirational- you will be missed. Thank you

  14. Thomas Thomas


    Been with you for 10 years. A silent follower. I am going to miss you.

    Good luck in all that you do.


  15. Tim Tim

    Thanks for sharing some of your life. Sometime following another journey puts mine into perspective.
    You are an lovely soul. Best wishes for you, attorney and especially granny.

  16. Our journey in life takes us many places. Only you can decide the best path for yourself. I think blogging has helped you as much it helped or inspired others. It has been awesome sharing the blogosphere with you these past 10 years. I wish you all the best and glad for having been part of your journey.

  17. SFJohn SFJohn

    Thanks for some very real writing. I hope we see more of you
    in the future but that’s your call. It’s been a pleasure reading you
    and I wish the best for you Tony

  18. Mistress Maddie Mistress Maddie

    I have enjoyed your blog and tales of granny and the boyfriend, and wish you well on your new road. Is that you in the above picture I assume? Very handsome, what a most excellent shot! If you ever do return , we will be here ready for more. Take care to you all

  19. Doug Doug

    Like many of your readers, I too came and read and took a great deal from your writing, inspiration, humor, insight and more but seldom left a reply. I hope that’s not part of your reason for departing. You’ve mentioned writing a book a couple times, maybe we will read you next on the best sellers list.
    May you, granny, and the attorney enjoy the blessings of love, good health, and prosperity.
    You will be missed!

  20. I’ll miss your style, your wit and your candor. And the ongoing story of you and the Attorney — I love it when two guys get together and make a life with each other. And as others have said, I’ll hope that fourth leg shows up on my screen someday. Thank you for letting us all into your life for a while — it was a great gift.

  21. robert robert

    I echo everything everyone else has said. your writing is lucid and joyful and sexy and intelligent all at the same. I will see you on Twitter

  22. Tim from Adelaide Tim from Adelaide


  23. Best wishes, bon voyage, thanks for the memories, namaste, and all that jazz. Seriously, best of luck with the next leg of the journey.

  24. It’s an honour to know you Tony. And your writing has brightened many a day darkened by my “monster”.

    Blessings of hope, health and happiness to you Sir.

    Blessings to both Granny and The Attorney too of course.

  25. brian brian

    Sigh! All the best to Granny, the Attorney and you. Stay as wonderful as you have always been.

  26. I can’t say that I won’t miss you, because I definitely will… even though you weren’t a prolific blogger, what you did have to say was always worth reading and it won’t be quite the same without those little windows in your world.

    But thank you for sharing so much with us, know that you were very much appreciated and things in the blogosphere won’t quite be the same without you, but enjoy this new chapter of your life.

  27. Bernard Jenkins Bernard Jenkins

    Wow,…I never thought that I would ever get beyond this guys looks.Tall,…broad shouldered,slim hipped,..a next door neighbor kind of beauty,with an an absolutely amazingly thick fuck cannonn of a dick.I was weak with lust when I first discovered him on the net,..can’t count the times I have relieved myself, transfixed by his image,…but after following his blogs,…I have developed an appreciation for his person and have opened my eyes,….” to him”.
    Thank you Tony.

  28. Alex in California Alex in California

    I have checked into your blog sites for years. I’ll continue to check in to get to your blogroll. Maybe one day I will see a new posting.

  29. Mark Mark

    Loyal follwers knew this day would come. Thank you Tony for all you have shared with us. It has been a privelage to be able to read about your life and thoughts. One day, when you and the attorney can marry, I think a fourth leg would be acceptable since then there would be four legs. Hell! Maybe that should be a sixth!! 🙂 Best wishes to you, the attorney and of course granny. See ya on twitter!!!

  30. I can’t say I’m surprised at your decision but it certainly doesn’t mean I’m happy about it at all. The quality of your writing and the personal insights are always a pleasure to read. Thanks for the shout out.
    That photo of you is one of the best I’ve seen. I know you love swimming without your britches, as do I. I hope we get to sit and chat one day.

  31. Tim Tim

    I am a selfish guy…
    I will miss those head scratching moments after I read a post and thought
    ..maybe I should think differently…
    and be a better man.

    I am hoping for the ‘Cher’ thing.

    Hugs Tim

  32. Sorry to hear for sure. But do be in touch. (and thanks for that footnoted shout out.)

    Don’t be a stranger. …and good luck w all you do.

  33. Ron Ron

    I’m smiling 🙂

    But I’m sad 🙁

    It was a good ten years Tony, I’ve enjoyed
    every post.

    You will be missed, don’t give up writing because I see a book with your name on it in the future.

    I espically loved your stories about Granny and I’m so happy to hear that she’s well. She is blessed to have you in her life.

    This is from the heart…..I wish you, granny and the attorney all the

    Peace and a big hug !
    XO Ron

  34. Ron Ron


  35. Carl Carl

    Thank you for sharing so much in those ten years. Will miss your blog, but hope you keep on writing. Enjoy your time with Granny and the Attorney. Keep on swimming nekkid! 🙂

  36. Jack Jack


    I tripped across your blog – Mayberry -many years ago and have been a faithful reader ever since. Just loved the post, details of your life and the teaching that your posts would do!! I will very much miss reading about you, Granny and the Attorney! Your relationships with them gave us hope and many laughs, as well as many times having a “tightness” in the jeans!

    Take care of yourself, Granny and the Attorney…but I know that I didn’t have to say that as you will!

  37. Chris Chris

    Tony – thank you for the years of reading enjoyment. Your unique insight into situations and life always made me think (lots of laughs too). I will certainly miss you, Granny, and the Attorney. You have a gift with writing and I hope in some fashion you will continue to pursue it.

    Best wishes to you all,


  38. Mark Mark

    Tony, I can understand your decision to end your blog. I don’t agree with your assessment that you don’t write enough to deserve a readership. Infrequent though your posts may have become they were always welcome when they arrived. I will definitely miss seeing them in my inbox. I’ll follow you on twitter for as long as you care to post there. Mark C.

  39. Lee Lee

    What a beautiful photo, truly remarkable, beauty combined with fury.

    I’m sorry that something is troubling you so much that you feel the need to make a drastic decision, so filled with emotion, to bring an end to something you, as well as your readers enjoy.

    I wish you peace, strength and endurance. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, for it’s the greatest gift of all.

  40. Martin Martin

    Tony, I took the journey back and read every entry. What a
    pleasure it was. I’ve been around since the early Large
    Tony days. West of Mayberry seemed to just scoot by. I’m
    really glad I did the rereading. So many fine stories and
    pictures. Thank you. It’s been a mighty fine journey.
    Best wishes, mwg

  41. Larry Larry


  42. mike moore mike moore

    I’m smiling.

    Thank you.

  43. Billy Billy

    Thx, dude

    best of life to you and yours

  44. cb cb


  45. I’ve enjoyed your posts on my infrequent (of late) visits. All the best.

  46. Oceanian Oceanian

    Wow, it feels so weird… I’ve been reading you since 2005, with more or less assiduity. It’s th end of an era. Farewell, Tony.

  47. Rob Rob

    Thank you Tony… the writing, comments and observations you brought lighten a corner in life that was darken by years of neglect. I personally wish you the best in every endeavor you take.

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