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Short and Sweet


Tonight Granny asked me if I “treat The Attorney right.”

Besides wondering why she would even consider that I don’t, I wondered why she didn’t ask the opposite.

Shouldn’t she be asking if he treats me right?

I’m her flesh and blood, after all.

But, she brushed that concern aside.

“I know he treats you right.”

She said she knows because I’m happy.

“Be sure you make him happy back.”

Yes, ma’am.

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There are 10 comments in this article:

  1. 03/30/2012Brenton says:

    I don’t know your Granny but she seems like she’s a wonderful lady.
    And I’m sure you make the Attorney plenty happy.

  2. 03/30/2012irisgirl says:

    One of Granny’s many qualities that I love is her no-bullshit approach to life. Which she has clearly passed along to her beloved grandson!

    And of course it’s no secret that one of the important ways you make the Attorney happy is not exactly “short’ and sweet!

  3. 03/30/2012David Asset says:

    I think I love your Granny. She sounds like a very cool, very perspective lady and she obviously loves you very much and knows how to read you, too!

  4. 03/30/2012Dwight Supremacy says:

    So sweet!

  5. 03/30/2012Chris says:

    Always listen to your grandmother because she will give you the best advice. I have always heard that and it’s true here!

  6. 03/30/2012David SHP says:


  7. 03/31/2012Jack says:

    Did you ever tell us the story of how you came out to her?
    I know, I’m nosy ;)

  8. 03/31/2012Jack says:

    Have you ever told us the story of how you came out to her?
    I know, I’m nosy ;)

  9. 03/31/2012BosGuy says:

    Love Granny.

  10. 04/20/2012DamienOz says:

    Oh Granny you are too adorable……….

    Tony you are a a very blessed man x 2 :)

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