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Sex Happens

We take this commercial break to bring you the latest shirt being offered by my T-Shirt shop Shirts and Grins.

You can buy it right here through the blog, or if you want to see the other seven color options, you can View Color Options and buy.

But even better, if you go directly to the site, you will be offered a 15% off coupon for selecting an option to follow Shirts and Grins on Twitter or  like us on Facebook.1 It’s a great way to help me spread the word about my shirts and save on  that first shirt(s) I know you want to buy!

Invite your friends and followers to go to the site to like and follow, and they’ll have access to the coupon, too.2

I’d truly appreciate it.3

  1. You can also see all the other shirt designs we currently offer. 

  2. It’s a win-win-win situation! watch film Star Trek Beyond now

  3. Granny needs a new pair of shoes!  🙂  

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  1. CosmicPopsicle CosmicPopsicle

    Great shirt! How much for the guy modelling the Big Cock shirt?lol

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