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Portion Control



Well, I guess I could always use it to measure pasta servings.

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  1. 03/6/2014jdw says:

    Or you could send a selfie with it hanging from
    Mr. Happy on a string. lol . JDW

  2. 03/6/2014Marcel says:

    And for sure your masterpiece couldn’t be measured with that one LOL

  3. 03/6/2014BosGuy says:

    OMG too funny.

  4. 03/6/2014wfregosi says:

    Yes, very appropriate as what it’s made to measure and pasta both go into the mouth — and both are yummy!

  5. 03/8/2014Tim says:

    Ok who will be the first to design a remote control for the
    television DVR..etc that looks like this?

  6. 03/9/2014cb says:

    I’m wondering if the inches her are true or whether its like lumber now… how a 2×4 is really 1.5×3.5

  7. 03/9/2014wfregosi says:

    As in 5″ is the new 7″?

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