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Open It Up

Some of y’all know that a couple of years back I started an online store to sell T-shirts that I designed.

The whole idea came out of me custom designing shirts for a couple of friends as gifts.

Anyway, LT-Shirt Company, as it was called, had a nice little start.  But I just didn’t have the time to devote to really getting it off the ground.  Plus, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge either.  And it went fallow.

But, in the last few months I decided to give it a go again and correct some of the things I didn’t care for.

First, I have partnered up with a buddy who is going to do a lot of the managing of things, while I focus more on shirt ideas.

Already we have found a better solution for printing shirts and fulfilling the orders.

The shirts are softer and more lightweight than the previous, making it more all weather.  ((The old shirts were a little heavy when it was warm.)) Plus, a better selection of colors allows me to do the same design with more options.

A lot of the designs I’ve done are based off  retro art, so I have taken the them one step further and given them a 嘉盛 “well worn and washed” effect, so that with the softer shirt you start off with a vintage favorite-t-shirt look and feel.

With all the improvements we also decided to change the name to something that may have a broader customer reach.

Because my goal with the designs is to spark humor and because I love a play on words, we are now SHIRTS AND GRINS.

Our new, much faster, easier to navigate website went live this morning.  So, go browse the graphic goodness at .  All shirts are only $20.

I’m not going to hound you readers to buy shirts but I would appreciate if you could do me a solid and help spread the word by mentioning it on your blogs or following Shirts and Grins or . Also, if you see a shirt you like on the site, you can share it right from there through a variety of social media.

I’ve opened it up. Show me some love?

  1. anotherplay on words, naturally 

  2. although I would not mind if you do 

  3. Great places to find discount codes in future. 

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  1. Kevin M Kevin M

    FYI, I liked the weight of the old shirts, even in warm weather. But that’s because I like a substantial t-shirt. But I’m sure these will be fine as well.

  2. Chris Chris

    Isn’t the expression ‘shts and giggles?’

  3. Tony Tony

    Actually I have heard both expressions. Plus the giggles domain was not available.

  4. Great fun. On your About Us page, there’s a typo — it says “very shirt is . . . ” I suspect there should be a capital E before the v. I like the graphics, the colors and the double entendres (actually, some are single entendres which is fine with me!). Best of luck with the revived venture!

  5. Tony Tony

    Thanks for catching the typo.

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