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Mistaken Identity


For several years, Granny has had trouble managing stairs of more than 3-4 steps.

So, she is never on the upper floor of our house anymore.  I have it all to myself.

At least, that’s what I thought.

Some things are best left unknown.

Because I now know that it’s time to invest in a baby gate for the stairs.

Yesterday I got home and asked Granny about her day.

“You’re going to think I am such a dummy,” she said shaking her head and chuckling.

She went on to explain that the cold weather was drying out her skin and she was out of lotion, so she had worked her way up the steps to my bedroom to find some.

There is no lotion in my bedroom.

“I found that out after I ended up covering my hands with that sanitizer.  You should have seen me,” she howled.

I’m glad I didn’t.

Because that pump bottle is not hand sanitizer, either.

“I don’t like it very much,” Granny complained, asking me where I got it.

The fact is that I got it online.

“Well, I wouldn’t get any more of it.  It’s awful.  It didn’t dry up very fast. I had to wash my hands afterward.”

I’m glad she did.

Because that’s where she finally found some lotion.

In the bathroom.

While she was washing off the lube.

There are 11 comments in this article:

  1. 12/10/2013Justin says:

    I guessed where it was going after I read the first few lines and then it went there and I could not stop laughing… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thank you for this posting. It made my habitual boring night good. Thank you T as always… I enjoy all of your postings.

  2. 12/10/2013rayj says:

    Such a funny story. Sounds like Granny is still full of surprises.

  3. 12/10/2013wfregosi says:

    I figured it out pretty fast — I had always wondered if and when she would “wander into” your sex life some day. But I bet you handled very well. And I hope you and the Attorney have (had) a good laugh over the whole thing.

  4. 12/10/2013Daryl says:

    This is just too funny, thanks for sharing made my morning!!

  5. 12/10/2013BosGuy says:

    To paraphrase L.T., “Oh Lordy!”
    No doubt the Attorney thought that was hilarious too.

  6. 12/10/2013Jeff M. says:

    Bless her heart.

  7. 12/10/2013kipp51 says:

    Yes indeed Bless Her Heart !

  8. 12/10/2013Brenton says:

    Love that. That’s so funny.

  9. 12/13/2013brian says:

    There are none so innocent than those who do not see….

  10. 12/13/2013Martin Wisser says:

    Indeed a baby gate is much needed obviously, and thanks for the extraordinary laughter you have caused with your post…

  11. 12/16/2013Shaffin says:

    Oh Poor Granny, I hope she didn’t read what she was applying, that would have been a horror…
    But hope she is okay, Bless her, she didn’t know… hugs for the coming holidays to you all.

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