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Making (It) Up

He arrived with a bowl of black-eyed peas.

It wasn’t a peace-offering.  I don’t like black-eyed peas.

But it was for good luck.

Because it was New Year’s Eve, and the Attorney has made sure to show up with them since the year that I forgot to make a pot for Granny.

We talked a bit about the hiatus situation.  Not enough to ruin the evening.  But, we did put a few ground rules in place going forward.

That’s the interesting about relationships.  Each one is different, so there is no rule book in place.  You make it up as you go along.

Part of making up is making it up.

He also brought champagne for the New Year.  But, Granny always likes to have a drop of my grandaddy’s homemade “medicinal spirits” at midnight.

When the Attorney followed me to the basement to get one of the little jars of ever clear liquid, he asked me for a make up kiss.

I gave him a quick one on the lips.

But, he held on and demanded “the right kind of kiss.”

He meant the deep kind.  The kind that makes me get hard.

The kind that almost made us miss midnight.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re making up! I wish you, Granny, and The Attorney a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012 filled with lots of love and light!

  2. Thomas Harris Thomas Harris

    wheres the rest of it:)

  3. Reminds me of a KT Oslin song ” Hold Me”….. part of the lyrics – “Don’t kiss me like we’re married, kiss me like we’re lovers. “

  4. irisgirl irisgirl

    Oh, I feel so Relieved about you and the Attorney…………and I’m sure you 2 had plenty of Relief while welcoming in 2012!

  5. V Paul Hagedorn V Paul Hagedorn

    But you had to go back upstairs. TTL, after the kiss, had to hide before going back to Granny. You’re bad. I’m glad.

  6. Paul from Q Paul from Q

    Sorry, I’m new to this. Didn’t mean to be so blunt.

  7. Sue Sue

    Glad to hear you guys made up. New ground rules are very good in a relationship. And you ARE making it up as you go along. GOOD JOB TONY!

  8. Mystik Mystik


  9. I’m so glad to hear about the progress between the Attorney and yourself. I’m looking forward to following your new ‘magazine format’ blog.

  10. David SHP David SHP

    Ever clear? Damn. Granny can be hard core. Good for her and Happy New Year!

  11. He comes (and cums) through once again. He is such a keeper and seems to be the gardener and you the flower.

  12. BTW – blogroll update completed.

  13. Nice news — hope you all have a very Happy 2012.

  14. #HappyBosGuy

  15. Mark Mark

    What a great start to a new year. The best to you, granny and the attorney!

  16. Alex Alex

    What did the Attorney do?! “Something unlike him…” Hmm. Shoplifted? Weenie wagged in public? DUI?

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