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Large Questions 10

Q. Is Trading Massages with another guy cheating? What would you think if the Attorney did it? What would he think if you did?

I don’t think that classifies as cheating, exactly.  But, it’s something that could be classified as inappropriate or disrespectful if it makes your partner uneasy.  I’d be okay with The Attorney having a professional massage.  But hand-to-skin contact with some random guy would pretty much send me into a blind rage.  In the same situation, The Attorney would probably be more level-headed (and calculating.)

Q. Is sodomy illegal in your state?

Yes. Technically I would be a repeat felon.  But, they are old laws that are not enforced.

Q. Have you had any long term relationships other than with The Attorney?

No.  Longest before this was maybe 6-8 months.  Definitely nothing this serious.  I lucked out.

Q. What with your online presence, do your friends have any idea that you are gay? Or are you only open with close family and The Attorney?

I am open with close friends, co-workers, family, Attorney.  But, if anyone asks, I don’t deny it.  I just don’t shout it.  But, then, I don’t shout much of anything.

Q. You mentioned that you have big feet. Do you and the attorney enjoy each others feet? Have you ever engaged in erotic foot play?

I hate feet.  There is nothing the least bit erotic about them for me.

Q. Who takes your tumblr photographs? and where are the pictures taken?

An old friend who started it all by using me as a guinea pig while training himself to do nude photography.  They are taken at his studio, his home, all over.

Q. I want to (have always wanted to) have your babies. May I?

I have no desire for children.  Take them, please.

Q. I am an urban hipster. How can I meet a nice country guy like you?

I guess you go come to the country.  Although I think urban hipsters would be bored by guys like me.

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  1. I so agree with the lack of erotic interest in feet.

    Or any interest in feet for that matter.

  2. Semper Fido Semper Fido

    Alright everyone… you heard it here. I can have Tony’s babies!!! So, call me maybe. 😉

  3. Chris Chris

    Same-sex sexual activity is legal in the USA—all states—due to the SCOTUS’s 2003 decision, Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down Texas’ (and by extension every states’) sodomy law.

  4. Rich Rich

    Thank God for that! Damn prudes in the South. They have their HEADS up their asses.

  5. i find your honesty refreshing

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