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Just Can’t Get Enough of Hugh, Baby



As obsessed as I have become with HughJack, I have never been a fan of seeing him with Wolverine face.

I hate the “beardburns” look.

So, I just focus on Wolverine bod.

Seeing trailers of the “Les Miserables” movie, I get the impression that, in an effort to make him less attractive,1 he’s got a mangy dog haircut.

And he will be fully clothed the entire time.

Head to toe.

Can’t a guy get a little bare chest or arm?

Maybe rip his shirt off and and use it as a revolutionary flag?

I’m not sure that no-skin HughJack alone is incentive enough for me to see a musical.


  1. not possible 

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  1. 11/8/2012midnightgardener says:

    He’s playing ValJean, so there might be the chance for something shirtless in early prison scenes, although that’d be more likely, I think, if they were adapting from the book not the stage show. :)

  2. 11/8/2012Jeff M. says:

    You’ll watch it… and you’ll like it, dammit. 😉

  3. 11/11/2012John says:

    He’s juicin’ big time, it’s way obvious.

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