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I Win

James and Peter.

Two adorable young men who have a little time and alcohol on their hands.

I first became aware of them on Twitter as @drunkgrindr.

They have created a series of funny and entertaining YouTube videos where they seem to pretty much get tipsy, explore dudes on social media, and share it with us.1

You can’t help but grin an giggle as they assess and discuss what/who they find.

A recent discussion assessed little ol’ me.

Thanks guys!2


  1. Check them out! 

  2. Makes me want to be better! 

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  1. Michael Michael

    They forgot to mention your great big heart, which to my mind is your best & most attractive feature.

  2. Chris Chris

    I saw this yesterday and commented on Twitter it is very good stuff:)

  3. I meant to send you an email about it… but I think they are cute and funny… and you are still one sexy beast… hope all is well in TN!! Hugz from VA…

  4. Too funny. Great shout out.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    SO, where are these pix they mention?

  6. cb cb

    And here you already had enough trouble fitting through doorways….

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