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Hugh Light Up My Life


Look at this man.

Keyword: MAN.

He’s downright radiant.

He fucking glows.

Even with his insane body all covered up.

I guess that’s to be expected when you burn with the hotness of a thousand suns.

So blinding that I almost didn’t even notice that he’s on his back with his knees in the air.


Thanks to Brian for the pic.
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  1. Yes yes a thousand yesses!
    Loved him ever since I saw him sing in Oklahoma! Oh What a Beautiful Hugh Morning!

  2. beaubrummell beaubrummell

    never mind those USA purists who scorn him as a closeted gay(is that a felony
    mre serious than a generals affair ‘?) i SIMPLY ADORE HIM

  3. Jdw Jdw

    I guess the phine is blocking the desk top. Dwight Williamson

  4. bob miller bob miller

    I recently found a PBS cooking program on Korean food and when they are in the kitchen he is the host!

  5. You are off your game if you didn’t recognize that, but then again I hadn’t til you mentioned it either.

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