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  1. irisgirl irisgirl

    I’m still more attracted to Jakey G., with Matt Bomer now a close 2nd, but I agree that Hugh is one very hot guy!

  2. rayrayj rayrayj

    Please, oh please. If there are Gods, let it be a shot in the eye…

  3. jdw jdw

    As for the shot in the eye, did somebody already beat you to it.? That look definitely says -” I am as handsome up close as I am in my pictures” or “Damn, I hate it when I get saltwater or Tony’s cum in my eye” lol

  4. I really never get tired of seeing Hugh without his shirt on.

  5. Nick Nick

    You wouldn’t shoot it in his eye would you ? Scandalous !

  6. Glen Glen

    I’m thinking that Tony would shoot on him any where Hugh would like, as many times as he would like, as often as he would like, at any hour he would like, at any location he would like, in any position he would like, ……..

    Get my drift?!?!?

    (And I want to watch)

  7. Sigh.

  8. Chris Chris

    Hugh is hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July.

  9. Ron Ron

    He’s winking at you Tony,to remind you of the shot in the eye earlier in the day.

    I agree with Bosguy’s 2nd comment…..

    Thanks for sharing Tony.. Ur the best !!

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