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Here Ya Come Again



My obsession with JakeGyll has has been slowly eclipsed in the last couple of years by HughJack.

But, you know how sometimes you run into an ex and they are looking ridiculous?

And they know it?

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  1. 11/13/2012mike moore says:

    caption: “sorry Tony, you had your chance, but you chose show-tunes boy over me.”

  2. 11/13/2012justajeepguy says:

    I love a variety of men and Jakey seems to fit into all of them. I still remember seeing him in October Sky in the theater and saying too loudly, “Who is that!?) My then BF proceeded to fill me in and continues to remind me just infatuated I was and how much it amused/annoyed him.

    PS. I just saw him on Broadway in August – just a few rows back – I could smell him!

  3. 11/13/2012irisgirl says:

    I am insanely jealous that you saw him on stage, justajeepguy! I’ve been cougaring him since October Sky as well!

    And I just got the vapors when I saw this picture that Tony posted. ~~sigh~~

  4. 11/13/2012BosGuy says:

    He does seem downright adorable in this picture.

  5. 11/14/2012David Asset says:

    I saw him on stage, too at the Laura Pels theatre in New York and I was underwhelmed. He couldn’t be heard often in a fairly small theatre as far as Broadway venues are concerned and he looked ….well, just ordinary. I was expecting to cum in me seat and instead I fell asleep. Luckily we’ll always have Brokeback Mountain and his hot nude scenes from Love & Other Drugs!

  6. 11/14/2012Tony says:

    You know that movie was filmed here in East Tennessee. If only I had known of him then.

  7. 11/14/2012beaubrummell says:

    MYy Jake will always be my idol.Hugh is a nice closeted guy but does not
    exude the vibrations I get from JG.I wept when he wept as he was driving away from his

  8. 11/14/2012Chris says:

    Well Tony I think Jake will blow you off, of course you might like that!

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