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  1. rayrayj rayrayj

    Wow. I see what you mean by “If you can suffer through his reading…” Even though I love Dr. Seuss I was unable to make myself watch this video beyond the first minute or so.

  2. jdw jdw

    I realize we all dont like Tebows piety and prejudice. I will say this , he can motivate more children to read than you or I could in a million years. How could that possibly be a bad thing. Go Tim Make those ankle biters read !!!!!!!!!

  3. Sue Sue


  4. brian brian

    The entire Tebow phenomenon leaves me unimpressed. If he can elevate his game, in his chosen profession all is good. His image, however, creates problems. He can believe what he chooses, but sport has no place for displays of religion. Why is he an icon in the gay community? Are we really so desparate that anything semi-attractive makes us salivate? Kind of Pavlovian don’t you think?

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