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Feel It

I’m just not feeling it.


It dawned on me today that it’s only three weeks away.

And all I feel is sick of it.

Especially since Thanksgiving this year basically became Black Friday Eve.

Now, I’m not a particularly religious person.  But, sweet baby Jesus, why don’t we just stop pretending that Christmas really has much to do with the birth of Christ anymore.

Or better yet, return Christmas to a one-day celebration of his birth, and call the four weeks between it and Thanksgiving something else.

Maybe Capitalmas.  Or Retailfest.

Or how about Cashover?

As in “hand your cash over.”

One of my favorite things about the holiday has always been the tree.

From picking it out to chopping it down to decorating it.

So, on Saturday, The Attorney and I went to a farm to cut one for my house.1

We left empty-handed.

Because I just felt so aggravated by it all.

I’m not a Scrooge.  I’m not looking at Christmas as just another day.

Actually I see it as a special day.

But, one that has lost all it’s specialness.

Because the day has become a month.

Or more.

So, I’ve decided I not going to even acknowledge it until around the 18th.

No tree.  No rum cakes.  No shopping.

Because the rest of December are just any other day.

At least, that’s how I feel.


  1. The one at his house is so tall that he goes artificial.  Plus, live needles send his OCD through the roof. 

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  1. Kevin M Kevin M

    I kind of get where you’re coming from – I think pushing things into Thanksgiving is silly (I loved Jon Stewart’s “War on Christmas” piece where he pointed out that Christmas is getting so big that it’s eating other holidays).

    But I do like the idea of a Christmas “Season”. It’s not the length I object to so much as the commercialization.

  2. Jdw Jdw

    Sent the first one to email. My mother and I give a hundred pounds of dog food to the Humane Society or 200 dollars in food to Second Harvest as our gifts to each other. The amounts don’t matter, giving to something or someone that might make a difference whether they live or die matters to us. Dwight Williamson

  3. Charles Gatlin Charles Gatlin

    It’s not Christmas until December 25, and then it’s Christmas until January 6. Your instincts are good. Put up your tree later (Christmas Eve is too late, I tried it once), and take it down on Jan 6. This will drive your neighbors crazy, since many of them believe it’s bad luck to keep the tree up after New Year’s Day.
    Smile and ignore all the commercial crap, and use the Advent season (started Dec 2) for self-reflection and thinking about what you want to do in the New Year. You’ll find in a day or two that t’s not that hard to tune out the glitter and noise until closer to the 25th. The quiet in the midst of the noise will make it easier to get into the giving spirit (and I’m not talking about presents) as the actual days approach.
    And, by the way, Merry Christmas!

  4. sfjohn sfjohn

    Technically the ‘Christmas Season’ only starts with Christmas day & then the “twelve days of Christmas’ until Epiphany which is Jan. 5th…..

  5. Wolfgang Wolfgang

    Christmas in the shops in UK starts late August; so by the time Christmas arrives one is brain dead and longing for it all to go away. And what do you buy for people who have everything? JDW is right; give to charity instead.

  6. Alex in California Alex in California


  7. Pete Pete

    bah humbug

  8. Part of my disdain for Christmas has to do with my atheism. Plus the fact that most of my family that I’d spend it with is gone or moved so far away that it’s not worth the trip, or who I’m not speaking to any longer in my family.

  9. I’m loving this season. Christmas = House parties…

    The whole gift thing is not really a part of my holiday experience so there is no stress with regards to $$$ or pressure from expectations. I do buy gifts for my nephews and niece who are all little and so excited for Santa as well as for a few charities, but I have to admit I love that trip to the toy store.

  10. A A

    We never put up the tree in my parents’ house until 23 December, and I try to keep it that way even now that we’re all adults. And my new favorite holiday tradition is sitting alone with my 7-year-old niece, splitting a pair of iPod earbuds, and listening to “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”

  11. beaubrummell beaubrummell

    Romans had a pagan festival on Dec 25 th and our AD starts on Jan 1st
    Still one tradition still holds on. Romans spend money on gifts.

  12. cb cb

    You guys better abstain from sex while you are on your period. I’m just sayin’…


    (I hate Xmas every year so….)

  13. Pretty much the truth!..

  14. I like Capitalistmas. Hmm… I feel a new song coming on.

  15. Davd SHP Davd SHP

    I pick and choose my Christmas battles. I go to my sibling event. I go to Rick’s sister-in-law’s event. I visit my parents in February. The rest of my time is yes or no. I fill it with loved ones who like casual…I incorporate Christmas music, merriment and play with the spirit of Christmas. I do my shopping either on-line or during the work week. I treat myself to a gift here and there. I give myself permission to skip the company Christmas party if I want to (This year I had a fantastic four hour dinner with a friend instead and it was so amazing!)

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