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Don’t Ask, Don’t Swell


This was apparently shot before the military enacted “Don’t Ask, Don’t Stare”

Not sure whether it’s Envy or Greed, but I figure the enlistee is committing at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins at this moment.

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  1. Glen Glen

    Leaning forward, eye browses raised, lips parted, head turned, leg crossed over at the knee instead of the shin, elbow buried in the crotch.

    I’m no expert on body language, but my take is, DESIRE!!!

  2. Carl Carl

    Why does it seem that men today are more reserved about being naked with each other? In gym locker rooms guys put on their underwear under a towel, also the gang style showers are gone and now individual shower stalls with curtains are de rigueur. (sigh) These photos bring back a time when it appears guys were comfortable being naked around each other.

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