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D for Two

The internet is blowing up over DoubleDickDude today.1

He suffers from a condition that has caused two penises to develop where most of the rest of us have only Lucas Brothers: On Drugs 2017 streaming

Not that much suffering is going on the way he tells it.

Apparently he is in a committed bisexual relationship with a man an a woman; has multiple orgasms; has had four partners at once2; and has thirteen inches combined3.

Now, I’m calling shenanigans on the multiple orgasm part.  I don’t see how two cocks gives you more nuts to bust.  Your dick is basically a gun, not the manufacturer of the bullets.  It’s not even the warehouse.  Just FedEx.

But, however valid his claims are, at least he’s embracing his extra.

I respect him for that.

I’m always skeptical of the guys who feel like they are victims of TMC4 or EPS5.

VLP6 I can buy.  I am one of the faces of VLP myself.

But the guys who say they have too much and want less?  That’s where I really call shenanigans.

There is not a man on earth, no matter what size, who, given the choice, would gladly reduce the size of their cock.

But, when it comes down to it, no man , no matter what size he is, would willingly reduce the size of his cock.7

A wish for better blood flow; better fitting pants; more accommodating bottoms; wheelbarrows as fashion accessories…all would come before a wish for a smaller dick.

Most guys are happy with what they’ve got, some wish they were bigger.

Nobody wants less cock.

Not me.

Not you.

Not even the dude with two.

  1. So, why not boost my own traffic a bit, right? 

  2. a woman on each dick, and two dudes in his ass. 

  3. one dick is seven inches, the other is six 

  4. Too Much Cock Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  5. Excessive Penis Syndrome 

  6. Very Large Penis 

  7. Short of facing death.  And I still think a few would contemplate death. 

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  1. jdw jdw

    13,000 comments for a guy whose two dicks
    together cant match yours. And they are also
    calling him a fake. You have been crazy
    good with your posts during the holidays .
    Keep up the good work .Dwight Williamson

  2. SFJohn SFJohn

    Totally agree w/ you jdw! And yes Tony you have been on fire
    with the posts this Holiday season – keep on writing!

  3. Bill Bill

    For the first time I have to disagree with something you said. I wish I was a bit smaller in the penis. Not the length, which is a little above average, but in the girth. I am over 7 inches around and have never found a man who can give me a good blowjob. Teeth always scrape the skin painfully and I lose my erection. I would love to be and inch smaller in the girth, I truly do. Especially since I am now in a relationship with the most kind and wonderful man I have ever met. He tries so hard to please me but just can’t do it. He is afraid I will leave him for someone who can better please me physically but I have no intention of even looking. before I met him I even had some guys get dressed and leave once we were home and naked, the minute the saw me hard. Everyone thinks having a big dick means you get
    laid more. I can say it prevents it more then helps so yes I wish I was smaller.

  4. Tony Tony

    Bill, I understand the challenge. I have a similar girth. BUT, I still say that if it came down to taking away. most guys would rather deal with the challenges. I know I would. 🙂

  5. jdw jdw

    Tony -tell that man to keep his heft and girth
    and buy his boyfriend a Tennesee Volunteers
    mouth guard 🙂 Jdw

  6. I actually read the entire reddit. It was a bit informative. I’m with you though. No one ever wants a smaller one.

  7. Ron Ron

    Two dicks., i thought it
    was a joke at first. I read the
    article and saw the photos,
    Not pretty looking dicks!

    I wonder if he ever had a
    problem where one dick
    worked and the other

    I don’t see how that’s
    possible …two chicks on
    each dick and two dudes
    in his ass,..In his dreams
    maybe. As long as he’s
    happy that’s all that

    I got a good laugh with
    your take on the article
    Tony 🙂

  8. I found DDD’s candor in answering questions on Reddit to be
    educational, but the horndog in me was most interested in the pictures
    he appeared to be doubly blessed in the penile area.

    I agree with you Tony, no one would want less. I’ve bottomed for a
    guy with a blessing similar to yours. He said I was the only guy he’s
    had that could take him balls deep… I would be honored to be your
    wheelbarrow anytime. 🙂

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