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It was a goal to be a more active blogger this year.

Three months in, and I’m already starting to slip.

But only because the weather has been so fantastic the last few weeks.  I’ve wanted to be outside doing stuff instead of sitting at the computer.

Plus, I just haven’t had much to say.

Although there were a couple of matters of note over the weekend.

We celebrated Granny’s 95th on Saturday.

No big ta-do.

Just simple little dinner and cards.

And pound cake, of course.

The Attorney passed on the cake and made an early evening of it.

He wanted to be at the top of his game for a race he was running early the next morning.

It paid off.

He finished in the top third of his division.

I drove down in time to see him finish and meet him at the end of the course.

Then it was back to his house for a good, pampering soak in the tub and a contentedly entwined midday snooze.

So, while it was a weekend without a lot of fanfare, I really don’t think it could have been more satisfying.

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  1. 04/5/2012Greg says:

    Sounds like a great weekend all around. Congrats to your Granny on her landmark. Mine’s only a couple years behind her.

  2. 04/5/2012Cb says:

    I hope you gave him a “RAM”pering before the pampering….

  3. 04/5/2012sfjohn says:

    Sounds like a really NICE weekend!

  4. 04/5/2012Steve says:

    Even though it would be great to have you post more, your entries are so pleasant to read, they’re like catching up with an old friend. Quality, not quantity.

  5. 04/5/2012BosGuy says:

    Its not the frequency of the posts – its what’s said in them. Leave frequency and fluff to me. You stick to the interesting insights and stories.

    Of course, fluff is still welcome on your site.


  6. 04/6/2012HB says:

    Glad to see that youʻre still around, bud. I haven’t blogged in months either. After so many site changes and name changes because of work, blogging doesn’t seem to get me as excited as it used to… probably because I now have to censor what I say, or make sure that what I say is untraceable. If only I worked in an industry where people didnʻt give a s**t right? :) Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re still around, I’ve missed our talks :)

    - Your Hawaiian friend

  7. 04/7/2012Paul from Q says:

    Another example of
    less is more. Thanks

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