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The First of the Third


If you have been reading me for a while, you probably weren’t expecting this.

But this is my new little blog spot on the web.

I feel like “West of Mayberry” had about run its course.  I pretty much limited that blog to stories about life with Granny and The Attorney, and in turn, was limiting what I might blog about.

If you know much about me, you know I have some anal retentive and obsessive compulsive tendencies.  As such, I like things to have a clean break.

I ended my first blog, “LARGETONY | Blog” at exactly the four-year mark to the date.

West of Mayberry” finished its third year yesterday.

So, with the beginning of a new year, new month, new week, and new hour, I felt like it was the perfect time (my OCD is exploding) to move on to something with a broader scope, in hopes that it will make me a more active blogger.

“LARGETONY | Blog” focused on my naughty side.

“West of Mayberry” focused more on my romantic side.

“The Third Leg” will focus on all that and more.  Basically anything else that I want to throw out there.

I will continue to write full on posts, because writing is what I am about. But I will also include stuff that I run across and would like to share, whether it’s photos, videos, quotes, web sites, news, etc.

Think of it as a Largetony Magazine.

You can always say that you “read it for the articles.”

As I post, the homepage layout will fill up with content (sort of like a magazine) so that you can pick and choose what you want to explore.  And you can click-through on any of them to a page that will allow to comment and interact.

About the title…

It can refer to this being the third leg on my journey of blogging (following the first two blogs) or it can refer to you-know-what.

If you don’t know, you will figure it out.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

[ fin ]


Super 8

It’s my “blogiversary.”

Sort of.

It’s not the anniversary of the birth of this particular blog, but it is the 8th anniversary of me becoming a blogger.

I started LARGETONY | Blog on September 1, 2004, not even being sure of what a blog was, or even that those of us who wrote them were called “bloggers.”

After four years, which I thought at the time was long enough for anyone to hang around, I officially closed LARGETONY | Blog and decided to retire from blogging.  I felt like I had said everything I had to say.

But retirement turned out to only be a hiatus, because four months later, on January 1, I emerged from the ashes with West of Mayberry, a blog that was less sexual in nature than the previous and focused more on life with Granny and The Attorney.

Then nine months ago, West of Mayberry went to bed on New Year’s Eve and woke up on the first day of 2012 as The Third Leg, a comfortable mix of it’s two ancestors.

In celebration of my eight years, I’ve gone back and selected eight posts from the three blogs – one from each year – as a sort of little memory book of important people in my life.

Some of you have probably read them all before, some are here for the first time. But most are somewhere in between.

Wherever you fall, I hope you enjoy them.

And thank you for continuing to read me.

2004-2005  from LARGETONY | Blog: “A Nice Spot
Making peace with a stop on life’s journey.

2005-2006 from LARGETONY | Blog: “Warm Toast
I give the toast at my oldest buddy’s wedding.

2006-2007 from LARGETONY | Blog: “My First Love Affair
Remembering my momma.

2007-2008 from LARGETONY | Blog: “Cool Whip For The Soul
Granny learns about The Attorney.

2008-2009 from West of Mayberry: “Black-Eyed Peas, a .44, and the Dark-Haired Man With Bread”
New Year’s fun with Granny and The Attorney.

2009-2010 from West of Mayberry: “A Dog Named JoAnn”
Granny makes a new friend.

2010-2011 from West of Mayberry: Yesterday, Today, and Forever
Granny’s 94th birthday party.

2011-2012 from The Third Leg: Just Cause
Late-nite visit from The Attorney.

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And tell ’em Tony sent ya!

Major Award


Ya’ll didn’t know I had a secret contest going.

Because that’s the way secrets work.

But in the last couple of weeks I noticed that The Third Leg was approaching it’s 1000th comment on posts.

To celebrate the milestone, I decided that whoever hit the 1K mark would win a free t-shirt of their choice from LT-Shirt Company.

And we have a winner!

Sometime yesterday, Sean (who also has a blog) came in at number 1000 with his comment on the Mitt Antionette post.

Congratulations Sean!  I will e-mail you the details concerning your major award.

And thanks for reading and interacting.

If anyone else wants one of my shirts, you don’t have to wait for the next contest.  You can just buy one!

On The Hunt

I’m always fascinated by how people get to the blog.

Most, of course, are regular readers or subscribers.1

Many jump in from my Twitter Feed @largetony.

Others come from finding a link on fellow blogger’s blog rolls. Kenneth in the (212) and Aussielicious being my biggest referrers on a daily basis.  For years, both have traded back and forth the number one and number two spots as my pimp daddies, with no one else even coming close.  The couple of times Ken has actually mentioned my blogs in a post, I got a bump of what was normally close to a week’s worth of hits in a day.

And then there are the searchers.  Folks on the hunt for something using search engines.

It’s interesting what words will bring my blog into the results.

Some search terms make perfect sense.  Like all the variations on my name or the name of the blog.

“third leg”, “third leg tony,” “largetony third leg”, “large third leg,” etc.

And the rest range from things where I might see a connection to things that make me scratch my head.

Here are some just from yesterday, alone:

  • carrying a big dick” – I like think of it more as “possessing” than “carrying,” but point taken.
  • elegant” – That has to be some reference I made to The Attorney, because it’s definitely not me.
  • lean strong men” – Okay.  I think that suits me.
  • ripped lean old men” – I’m not old.  That must be The Attorney 🙂
  • largetony in kilt” – Not sure why it would bring someone here, but it is probably my most popular Tumblr photo.
  • underpants daddy” – This one completely baffles me.

But, whatever has brought you here, thanks for coming.  Stick around for more.

  1. Just enter your e-mail over in the side bar to subscribe.