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Why is it called a blow job?

There is very little blowing involved.

If any.

Why should there be?

Granted, to inflate most other tubes…

…balloons, tires, etc. …

You blow.

But tube steak requires a vacuum.

Or sometimes just anticipation.

I guess “suck job” sounds too crude.

Not that there’s anything elegant about a blow job.

There better not be.

If it’s good.

Maybe “blow job” is a metaphor for a tornado…


Leaving things lifeless in the aftermath.

Contents strewn about.

Because the only thing being blown is a load.

And, if you want to get real, loads are being thrown.

So suck it.

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  1. sfjohn sfjohn

    Um……I wish that was an invitation because I would be happy to! 😉

  2. Jdw Jdw

    Maybe its because when we suck it looks
    like we are trying to blow a whistle. Or as you said
    Blow up a balloon. Whatever , much more blessed to receive than Williamson

  3. Ron Ron

    Hahaha…. Did you hear about Steak and blow job day, celebrated on March 14th ?

    The idea is simple, no cards, or other whimsical gifts, you simply bestow your
    partner with a steak and a blow job.

    Not necessarily in that order ….. 🙂

  4. kipp51 kipp51

    Such great thoughts about what if done right is not such a simple act. Anyone can give a blow job… but for pure oral pleasure it take a skill.
    Thanks for being back to sharing your thoughts.

  5. Hehehe….I have always thought the very same thing. Glad you are churning out blog posts again (maybe that was the wrong choice of words given the post I’m commenting on)

  6. Albert Albert

    You blow on it and make wish.:-)

  7. Chris Chris

    Yes it this was an invitation, hehe

  8. Chris Chris

    Yes if this was an invitation, hehe, lol can you tell I can’t seem to focus?

  9. T Fuhs T Fuhs

    I like your words. I am glad you are back…

  10. Chuck Chuck

    A friend of mine from Liverpool claimed that it was a corruption of the expression “below job.”

  11. Tony Tony

    THAT is very cool, Chuck. I like that explanation.

  12. Todd/Imnot2bzy Todd/Imnot2bzy

    kinda goes with “Blow Pop” we suck it so then we can blow it afterward.. maybe the reward we get in the end of blow job is the blow part 😛 It blows all over my face, blows all in my hair, all down a throat..LOL

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