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Black Box

You know how airplanes are equipped with The Black Box?

I have a black box in my truck, too.

But, mine has nothing to do with recording the last moments before a crash or offer any clues as to the cause.

Mine is literally a black box.

A tough little hard-plastic strong box that I keep under the passenger seat.

It’s always been a place where I would shove stuff that either I didn’t want rolling around in the truck or I would find rolling around in the truck.

I had kind of forgotten its was there until I was deep cleaning the truck this weekend. Judging by some of the contents, I have not been in it in a long time.

It wouldn’t offer any clues about what happened if I ended up dead in a crash.

But, I wonder what kind of clues it would give the first responders about me.

What scenario would they put together with this:

    A Little Debbie Fudge Round
    A basketball hand air pump
    A tiny bottle of Purell
    A strip of three Magnums1
    A bank deposit receipt for $523.00
    An eyeglass case2
    A photo of a friend of mine taken in bed3
    A set of two padlock keys4
    A jockstrap5
    One sock6
    Business card from a window salesman
    47 cents in loose change.
    iPod ear buds
    An unopened Christmas card postmarked 2011.

Who is this guy?

  1. The Attorney and I stopped using them long ago. 

  2. The Attorney’s 

  3. Not The Attorney. But nothing dirty. 

  4. No padlock. 

  5. Passed the sniff test for cleanliness. 

  6. Sniff test results inconclusive. 

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  1. Ron Ron

    If I had to guess who you were with just the contents in your black box.

    I’d think =
    1. You’re organized
    2. You like basketball
    3. You’re a caring friend
    4. A guy who likes to wear jock straps
    5. You’re into safe sex and well endowed
    6. You have at least or if not more than 523.00 in your account
    7. You’re a contractor or a handy man
    8. You’re concerned about germs

    But we all know you’re a caring, intelligent passionate, handsome, little on the shy side kind of guy and we all love you !!!!

  2. cb cb

    Did you eat the little debbie??

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