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My name is Tony.

While in my teens I lost both my parents within three years of each other.  Consequently, I was taken in by my grandparents and lived, until graduating high school, in their Smoky Mountain home.  Now in my thirties, I am back to assist and care for my nonagenarian Granny.  Here in the calm of the Smokies, I balance life between Granny, my job as a commercial painter, writing, and the maintaining of semi-long distance relationship with a tall handsome man known simply as The Attorney.

I am reserved and shy.  Yet, I am a shameless flirt.

I love to listen, but hate noise.

I love to laugh, but rarely smile.

I am both guardian and guarded.

I am opinionated but open-minded.   I have thick skin, but a tender heart.

My ears are too big.  So are my feet.

But other parts are just right.

I’m tall.  I’m strong.

I am an insomniac.

My life is simple.

And blessed.

And I’m grateful for it all.