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Everybody likes a Friday.

The Attorney and I had our first date on a Friday.

We first met on a Friday before that.

That Friday was more hook-up than date.

Although nothing happened.

Except kissing and pancakes.

And a hot tub.

Enough to find out what he wanted to know.

Or hoped?

Friday is still our night.

Our date night.

Even though we hardly go out.

Unless you count outside as going out.

To the back yard.

To his pool.

My favorite thing about Friday.

Okay, second favorite.

Sometimes my favorite thing starts there.

And maybe finished there a time or two.

But mostly we swim.

I used to joke that I’m with The Attorney for his football season tickets.1

But, if I was really that shallow, it would be for his pool.

Now that Fall has finally started to take hold, I won’t be getting any for a while.

No pool.

Aqua-celibacy until Spring.

There is still the hot tub.

But a hot tub is to  a pool what a handie is to my favorite thing.

  1. Once something very difficult to come by around here. 

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  1. LOL – I think this is hilarious. I don’t know why. But it is.

  2. rayj rayj

    I’m so glad you’re still writing.

  3. Jdw Jdw

    Love that swim time. I am sure the
    Two of you never skinny dip. Maybe next year
    The Volunteers will be back .At least you can rest easier knowing Lane Kiffin is unemployed. Dwight

  4. Handie is a term I never heard, but it makes sense as does your comment on it.

  5. Ron Ron

    Never heard that one before” Aqua-celibacy” but I can totally relate to it.

    I know you once wrote about the Attorney being faster on land …..Can you beat him
    to the other side of the pool ?

  6. Nurse Nurse






    starting to



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