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Year: 2014

Two Oh One Four

It’s 2014, Boy.1

Even though my particular OCD thrives on starting something new with the beginning of some time element2, I don’t make resolutions.

I think it puts too much pressure on a decision and only increases the chance for failure.

I don’t make predictions either.

No road is straight and without forks, spurs, off-ramps, roadblocks, and Starbucks.

But there are some things I do know as fact for 2014:

It will be the last full year that I will be in my 30’s.

It will mark ten years as a blogger3.  There have certainly been dormant periods on all three blogs, so I can’t say it’s 10 full years.  But I Pressed my first Words in 2004.  My OCD is tingling with the idea that the ten-year mark will be a good place to wrap it up.  But, who knows.  I tried to walk away from the keyboard before starting this blog4 but I failed at that.

See what I mean about resolutions?

If Granny, who is in decent health, survives another three full months, she will complete 97 years.

The Attorney and I will complete seven years together, while facing a potential relationship changer if he decides to move another hour or so further away for work related reasons. I’ve kept this last part under wraps because it may not become an issue.

I am re-launching my t-shirt business5. I have partnered with a friend who has more ability and time to devote to the actual running of it, while I will continue create the designs of the shirts.  More on all that when it is ready.

So, that’s at least what I know for sure about 2014.

I will just have to see what else the universe throws at me, and take it on as best I can.

But, I have plenty for now.

It’s only Day 1. Here’s hoping mostly good things come your way this year and the bad things are managable.

If you wake up January 1, 2015, then you managed on some level, Boy.

  1. see post from yesterday. 

  2. week, month, year, etc. 

  3. in September 

  4. exactly 2 years ago today 

  5. perhaps in next few days 

Just Keep Blogging Along

Even though my this blog is self-hosted, as all my blogs have been, I still use the WordPress software to publish.

I always have.

For nearly ten years.

So, I highly recommend it to anyone who blogs or wants to.

It’s easy to use and can be fairly easy to customize.  I knew nothing about that sort of thing when I first started.  But over time, through trial and error1 and helpful bloggers like Moby, I’ve learned a lot about making the software2 do what I want.

I got an e-mail yesterday from the folks at WordPress, with an “Annual Report” on the ol’ Third Leg.3

Here’s some factoids from 2013:

  • My busiest traffic day was October 10…which is the day I started back after a long absence.  Nowhere near those numbers since.
  • My most viewed post was Tail Feathers NSFW.4
  • This one had the most comments.
  • My most active commenters for the year (starting with most active) were Will, Ron,BosGuy, Jdw, and Chris.
  • Top referring sites: Aussielicious, who took the top spot for the first time from Kenneth in the (212), who dropped to second. Third is Twitter5 with Just A Jeep Guy and BosGuy rounding out the Top Five.
  • Not surprisingly, most visitors are from the United States6, with Canada and Australia very close behind.

Thanks to everyone who came around, and continues to.  If you don’t already know, you can follow by subscribing to the blog by entering your email address over in the sidebar, or using an RSS feed and reader.  You can also follow my moments of 140 characters or less on Twitter.

  1. sometimes a LOT of errors 

  2. like bottoms 🙂  

  3. The one you’re reading. 

  4. I wonder if my own views count? 

  5. which seems a little unfair since it’s attached to my account. 

  6. California being first in the nation 

D for Two

The internet is blowing up over DoubleDickDude today.1

He suffers from a condition that has caused two penises to develop where most of the rest of us have only one.

Not that much suffering is going on the way he tells it.

Apparently he is in a committed bisexual relationship with a man an a woman; has multiple orgasms; has had four partners at once2; and has thirteen inches combined3.

Now, I’m calling shenanigans on the multiple orgasm part.  I don’t see how two cocks gives you more nuts to bust.  Your dick is basically a gun, not the manufacturer of the bullets.  It’s not even the warehouse.  Just FedEx.

But, however valid his claims are, at least he’s embracing his extra.

I respect him for that.

I’m always skeptical of the guys who feel like they are victims of TMC4 or EPS5.

VLP6 I can buy.  I am one of the faces of VLP myself.

But the guys who say they have too much and want less?  That’s where I really call shenanigans.

There is not a man on earth, no matter what size, who, given the choice, would gladly reduce the size of their cock.

But, when it comes down to it, no man , no matter what size he is, would willingly reduce the size of his cock.7

A wish for better blood flow; better fitting pants; more accommodating bottoms; wheelbarrows as fashion accessories…all would come before a wish for a smaller dick.

Most guys are happy with what they’ve got, some wish they were bigger.

Nobody wants less cock.

Not me.

Not you.

Not even the dude with two.

  1. So, why not boost my own traffic a bit, right? 

  2. a woman on each dick, and two dudes in his ass. 

  3. one dick is seven inches, the other is six 

  4. Too Much Cock 

  5. Excessive Penis Syndrome 

  6. Very Large Penis 

  7. Short of facing death.  And I still think a few would contemplate death. 

Tube Schock

It seems the current hot topic among the ‘mos is the possible outing of Republican Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock1 by journalist Itay Hod, and whether Hod has the right/obligation as a journalist  to do so.

I probably have no new light to shed on the subject, but I want to go on record about where I stand on it.

I have always been of the feeling that everyone should be able to decide for themselves when that knowledge becomes public, and to whom.

We all have different stories and different journeys and different reasons for maintaining privacy.

I generally see outing as a violation of privacy.

Only we, each of us, can know when it’s right for each of us.

A couple of years ago when Anderson Cooper’s egg timer was about to go off, I wrote a post defending his right to select his own doneness.  I felt like he was not obligated to be a role model, and nothing about his silence had an effect on his work obligations.

That’s where it’s different for Shock.

That’s where I have to flip my opinion.

I think government figures do have an obligation as role models, as they are a part of what sets the tone for their communities, large and small.  Particularly the GOP, who are the self-appointed arbiters of all things moral.

Given his record on anti-gay legislation, if there is hard, or even semi-tumescent, evidence that Schock is gay, he should be outed and exposed as the hypocrite that he is.

Plain and simple.

That is Itay Hod’s point.

And it is spot on.

If Shock is straight, then he is a bigoted homophobe and should be voted out of office.

If he is gay, then he is a dangerous self-loathing bigoted homophobe.

And he should be voted out office.

And the closet.

I can’t wait until Neil Patrick Harris plays Schock in a Lifetime movie.  NPH already plays a pussy hound on TV, so will it really be a stretch to play gay playing straight?

  1. if this ensemble didn’t already out him. 

Open It Up


Some of y’all know that a couple of years back I started an online store to sell T-shirts that I designed.

The whole idea came out of me custom designing shirts for a couple of friends as gifts.

Anyway, LT-Shirt Company, as it was called, had a nice little start.  But I just didn’t have the time to devote to really getting it off the ground.  Plus, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge either.  And it went fallow.

But, in the last few months I decided to give it a go again and correct some of the things I didn’t care for.

First, I have partnered up with a buddy who is going to do a lot of the managing of things, while I focus more on shirt ideas.

Already we have found a better solution for printing shirts and fulfilling the orders.

The shirts are softer and more lightweight than the previous, making it more all weather.  ((The old shirts were a little heavy when it was warm.)) Plus, a better selection of colors allows me to do the same design with more options.

A lot of the designs I’ve done are based off  retro art, so I have taken the them one step further and given them a “well worn and washed” effect, so that with the softer shirt you start off with a vintage favorite-t-shirt look and feel.

With all the improvements we also decided to change the name to something that may have a broader customer reach.

Because my goal with the designs is to spark humor and because I love a play on words, we are now SHIRTS AND GRINS.

Our new, much faster, easier to navigate website went live this morning.  So, go browse the graphic goodness1 at  All shirts are only $20.

I’m not going to hound you readers to buy shirts2 but I would appreciate if you could do me a solid and help spread the word by mentioning it on your blogs or following Shirts and Grins on Twitter or on Facebook.3 Also, if you see a shirt you like on the site, you can share it right from there through a variety of social media.

I’ve opened it up. Show me some love?

  1. anotherplay on words, naturally 

  2. although I would not mind if you do 

  3. Great places to find discount codes in future. 

Poppin of the Week


Poppin (pop’-en): 1. a man of such pulchritude that he is “Practically perfect in every way.” 2. somebody who makes my dick start “apoppin'”

Slammin’ booty.1

Long legs.

Carrying just enough muscle to not destroy the elegant lines of his build.

Him on the beach is just the warm up I need while it’s 11 degrees outside.2

  1. Almost too much booty. As if there was such a thing. 

  2. looks like he’s got somebody else’s attention, too. 

Is That A Big Brain Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?


This is Nikola Tesla.

According to Wikipedia, he was  a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.

A reader sent me this photo.

Said it looks like me.

Kinda, I guess.

There are similarities.

Especially the big nose, big ears, dark features.

And our faces are sort of shaped the same.

I found out this picture is from 1890.  Which would put Tesla at about age 34.  Four years younger than I am now.

Reading up on him, turns out we have other similarities.

He was tall and skinny.

A loner.

Had OCD.

Didn’t sleep much.

Sort of my fancy pants doppelgänger.

But, we have one obvious difference:

He was a genius.


Apparently he was also celibate his entire life.1

So, our brains are in totally different places.


The universe threw Telsa in my path again this morning when I stumbled across this photo:


I can really see much more similarity here.  We have pretty much identical builds.

Looks like he could match my size 14s.

Plus, if he was a swimming instructor, we’re both strong swimmers, too.

It’s getting weird.

  1. More interesting factoids here