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Year: 2013

Like A Dog

I saw a homeless man on the street yesterday.

He had a dog with him and I thought to myself, “That poor dog.”

Then I wondered why I didn’t  immediately think the same thing about the man.

He’s obviously suffering, too.

Sometimes you discover things about yourself that you don’t like.

In that moment, I did.

I think there is something deep in me that sees a man on the street and assumes that he is responsible for his situation.

Maybe because men have most of the power in the world.

I would have had empathy for a woman or children.

Like I did the dog.

I don’t know this man’s particular story, but there have to be thousands of stories of good, honest, hard-working men who are struggling and for all kinds of reasons can’t get a leg up.

Because who would choose living on the streets over any option to live otherwise?

But if he didn’t have that dog with him, the man might have just been invisible to me.

It’s a far reaching problem in our country now.

What was once “one nation, indivisible” is becoming one nation of individuals.

More and more, we have each other’s backs less and less.

Community is lost to personal agenda.

And people like the guy I saw are being lost in the process.

I hated discovering that I contribute with my own indifference.

I did not give a man the attention I would give a dog.

It’s shameful.

Even a one-legged table needs at least three feet to help it stand.Free Fire 2017 movie

The one good thing about discovering things about yourself that you don’t like is that it gives you the opportunity to improve.

So, I went back and brought him food.

Just some packs of tuna, crackers, nuts, and a few bottles of water.

Things that would not spoil his backpack.

And some kibble and treats for his dog.

I was out only about $25.

I won’t even notice.

And shouldn’t.




vortex (vawr-teks) :
something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it: the vortex of war. A visible column of activity, irresistible force, etc.

The world could be lost in that vortex.

Let me show you the world.

Wisdom of Kings (and Shepherds)

This is a Christmas rerun post from my former blog, West of Mayberry. It was originally posted December 25th, 2009 with the title “St. Luke’s Shepherds vs. St. Matthew’s Kings”download full movie The Lego Batman Movie 2017

Despite what you think from the title of this post, this isn’t about high-school football play-offs.

So, don’t worry.

It’s about the Bible.

So, now worry. :-)

It’s a bit after midnight here, west of Mayberry.  Officially Christmas Day.

I just said goodnight to Granny and turned off the lights in her room.  After getting her settled in, I sat next to her on top of the covers.  We propped ourselves against the headboard and watched TV for a while.

She got tired but wanted to hear the story of the nativity before she fell asleep.  As you all know, I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I’d have to be a downright heathen to refuse to do that.  So, I grabbed Granny’s Bible off the night table and read from the second chapter of the Luke.

No room at the inn.  Shepherds and their flocks and all.  But no Wise Men.  No kings.

At first I thought maybe I was reading from one of those contemporary editions or something.  But when I looked at spine, it said “King James.”  I asked Granny about it and she told me, “That’s Matthew.”

Then she told me she prefers Luke, which is why I guess that’s what she asked me to read.  I asked her why she preferred Luke since it was essentially the same story.

“Luke is more for regular folk.  Matthew is too…too…”

She searched for the right word, then finally finished her thought with, “too Republican.”

We both chuckled about that and I made a mental note to tell the Attorney, who has been known to have Republican tendencies.

Apparently there are differences in the facts of the Christmas story, depending on who told it.  Luke talks about the manger and shepherds.  Matthew talks about the kings.  The shepherds heard from an angel.  The Wise Men followed a star.

Isn’t it kinda ironic that the Gospels are not necessarily the gospel?

So, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that even now, 2000 or so years later, that Christmas is a different thing to different people.  But whether your Christmas includes shepherds…or not.  Kings…or not…Jesus, Santa, Angels, Rudolph, presents, trees, or stars…or not, we’re all celebrating the same thing.

The easy answer is “the birth of Christ.”  But the bigger answer is “goodness.”

You may not believe a baby was born in a manger to a virgin. Or, if you do, you may not believe that babe is the Messiah.  But, if you celebrate Christmas at all, surely you can believe in the goodness that the story represents.

And, if you don’t celebrate, surely you can believe in goodness nonetheless.

It’s all mankind truly has to give.

Goodness: It’s no better, nor worse, from shepherds than from kings.

Open Sesamir



His name is Sesamir Yearby.

He is a former college football player.

He didn’t make it in the NFL, so apparently now he is a model.1trailer movie The Circle

My only complaint is that there are no rear shots.

You know it has to be spectacular.


  1. he recently won an online model competition. 


It’s official.

I’m a daddy.

So I’ve been told/called several times in the past year.

I’ve never fit into any of the categories sub-divisions of our subculture before.

Top is more of position than a sub-division.

I don’t have the build or fur to be a Bear.

Or the pecs and thighs of a Muscle Queen.

As athletic as I am, I still don’t quite fit the Jock mold either.

Apparently there is a type for us slim guys called an Otter.  But again, not enough fur.

And I’m no longer younger enough,  and never was cute enough, to be a twink.

In the past I have referred to myself as a Giraffe and a Greyhound.

But neither caught on.

Yet, someone first used “Otter” and it did?

As of yesterday, I am eighteen months from no longer being in my 30’s.

Grey hairs have been creeping into my beard for a couple of years.

So I guess it’s time to concede / accept / resign myself to the fact that I’m a Daddy.

Embrace it even.

Maybe I’ll start smoking cigars and address everyone as “Boy.”

Like “I need to make a deposit, Boy,” to the bank teller.

Or “Swallow it, Boy” when I give Granny her meds.

Even though Daddy seems to be divided even further with qualifiers like Muscle Daddy 外汇交易平台 and Daddy Bear, I’m not going to try to dig any deeper that just “Daddy.”

Giraffe Daddy sounds just as ridiculous as Otter Daddy would.

I’m told that being a Daddy is really a state of mind, anyway.

So, I guess it’s time to make it a state of mine.


  1. gay 

  2. literally 

  3. but I think I have pretty good biceps. 

  4. tall, slender, long neck 

  5. long limbs, no hips 

  6. isn’t that a tradition for new daddies? 

Guys are Poppins


Remember back in that movie “Clueless” a hot guy was called a “Baldwin?”

Remember when a “Baldwin” wasn’t a homophobe with anger issues1 or a right-wing nutbag douche?2

Anyway, this is the kind of guy I call a “Poppins.”

“Practically perfect in every way.”

Big shoulders.

Thick thighs.

Ripped belly.

Solid.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Attorney has caused me to develop quite an appreciation for a runner’s body.

I even love the stick out ears.

What I like to call “love handles.”

  1. Alec 

  2. Stephen