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Month: February 2013

Hanging On

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about me or written me off.

Actually, I’m sure that several of you have not, based on all the e-mails, messages, and tweets asking about me and Granny and The Attorney.

I really appreciate the concern.

We’re all doing OK.

Along with the general issues of being 95, Granny has suffered through several weeks of shingles, but it seems to be behind us now.

I got so focused on her care that I pretty much let everything else go.

My blog, my twitter, my friends, my Attorney.

He has been understandably frustrated, but still very understanding.

Hopefully my allowing things to go fallow will only result in the fertility that it should.

On my blog, my twitter, my friends.

And especially my Attorney.

It may take me a bit to get everything up to speed again, but I’m ready to open the throttle.

Stick around for the ride!