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Year: 2012

Term of Endowment

I love words.

One of the things that bones me about The Attorney is his insane vocabulary.

A simple game of Scrabble with him is like an Honors English class or something.

As I have mentioned before, I also love to look at my blog stats for search words people used to get here.

So, it’s a bonus when I learn a new word from search terms.

Like this one that popped up over the weekend.

cudgel [kuhj-uh l]

1. a short, thick stick used as a weapon; club.

Thick? Yes.

Weapon? Maybe.


Not so much.

Now that I’ve learned it, I need to use it on The Attorney.

Feel It

I’m just not feeling it.


It dawned on me today that it’s only three weeks away.

And all I feel is sick of it.

Especially since Thanksgiving this year basically became Black Friday Eve.

Now, I’m not a particularly religious person.  But, sweet baby Jesus, why don’t we just stop pretending that Christmas really has much to do with the birth of Christ anymore.

Or better yet, return Christmas to a one-day celebration of his birth, and call the four weeks between it and Thanksgiving something else.

Maybe Capitalmas.  Or Retailfest.

Or how about Cashover?

As in “hand your cash over.”

One of my favorite things about the holiday has always been the tree.

From picking it out to chopping it down to decorating it.

So, on Saturday, The Attorney and I went to a farm to cut one for my house.1

We left empty-handed.

Because I just felt so aggravated by it all.

I’m not a Scrooge.  I’m not looking at Christmas as just another day.

Actually I see it as a special day.

But, one that has lost all it’s specialness.

Because the day has become a month.

Or more.

So, I’ve decided I not going to even acknowledge it until around the 18th.

No tree.  No rum cakes.  No shopping.

Because the rest of December are just any other day.

At least, that’s how I feel.


  1. The one at his house is so tall that he goes artificial.  Plus, live needles send his OCD through the roof. 

Original Christmas

It was a different kind of Christmas here, west of Mayberry.

Different from my previous 36 Christmases, anyway.

But I think it was more like the original one.

The one over 2000 years ago.

Very simple.

Granny has not been doing well in recent weeks.

And to be honest I think it may be close to the end.

We can’t find anything specifically wrong with her.

At least nothing new.

But she tires a lot more easily. Sleeps much more. And just seems to be emotionally checked out most if the time.

I wish I old chalk it up to some sort of seasonal disorder but for the most part it’s been unseasonably good weather.

There was no big meal or fuss about Christmas this year. No rum cake. Or fretting about presents.

I did put a little tree in Granny’s room and last night read her St. Luke’s chapters on the nativity before she went to bed last night.

She seemed to enjoy that.

Other than that, the holiday was barely on her radar.

And I did not need to go through a big to-do for myself.

The Attorney came up late this evening, after a day at his mother’s, bringing us a couple of plates from their holiday meal.

He’s still here now, sharing the sofa and reading a book on Jefferson I gave him as a present.

This is really enough Christmas for me.

Hope all of you enjoyed yours as well.