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Year: 2012

The First of the Third


If you have been reading me for a while, you probably weren’t expecting this.

But this is my new little blog spot on the web.

I feel like “West of Mayberry” had about run its course.  I pretty much limited that blog to stories about life with Granny and The Attorney, and in turn, was limiting what I might blog about.

If you know much about me, you know I have some anal retentive and obsessive compulsive tendencies.  As such, I like things to have a clean break.

I ended my first blog, “LARGETONY | Blog” at exactly the four-year mark to the date.

West of Mayberry” finished its third year yesterday.

So, with the beginning of a new year, new month, new week, and new hour, I felt like it was the perfect time (my OCD is exploding) to move on to something with a broader scope, in hopes that it will make me a more active blogger.

“LARGETONY | Blog” focused on my naughty side.

“West of Mayberry” focused more on my romantic side.

“The Third Leg” will focus on all that and more.  Basically anything else that I want to throw out there.

I will continue to write full on posts, because writing is what I am about. But I will also include stuff that I run across and would like to share, whether it’s photos, videos, quotes, web sites, news, etc.

Think of it as a Largetony Magazine.

You can always say that you “read it for the articles.”

As I post, the homepage layout will fill up with content (sort of like a magazine) so that you can pick and choose what you want to explore.  And you can click-through on any of them to a page that will allow to comment and interact.

About the title…

It can refer to this being the third leg on my journey of blogging (following the first two blogs) or it can refer to you-know-what.

If you don’t know, you will figure it out.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

[ fin ]

Making (It) Up

He arrived with a bowl of black-eyed peas.

It wasn’t a peace-offering.  I don’t like black-eyed peas.

But it was for good luck.

Because it was New Year’s Eve, and the Attorney has made sure to show up with them since the year that I forgot to make a pot for Granny.

We talked a bit about the hiatus situation.  Not enough to ruin the evening.  But, we did put a few ground rules in place going forward.

That’s the interesting about relationships.  Each one is different, so there is no rule book in place.  You make it up as you go along.

Part of making up is making it up.

He also brought champagne for the New Year.  But, Granny always likes to have a drop of my grandaddy’s homemade “medicinal spirits” at midnight.

When the Attorney followed me to the basement to get one of the little jars of ever clear liquid, he asked me for a make up kiss.

I gave him a quick one on the lips.

But, he held on and demanded “the right kind of kiss.”

He meant the deep kind.  The kind that makes me get hard.

The kind that almost made us miss midnight.

[ fin ]


Cock of the Talk


Someone sent me this a while back.  I wonder if they were trying to tell me I talk about my cock too much.  You know…my big fat heavy beast of a cock.

Role Call


So there’s talk around the web that Anderson Cooper is going to come out on his talk show some time next month.

A lot of people have been waiting for that announcement.  Some have even been demanding it.

Granted, like a lot of people, I am inclined to believe that the Silver Fox has a little sugar in his tank.  But, unlike a lot of people, I believe that if, when, and how he comes out is up to him.

A lot of folks use the “role model” argument to support their desire for him to step forward.  But I think in reality, most just want to be able to say “I knew it!” (DUH.) Or they believe that they would somehow be even closer to fulfilling their fantasy of bagging some celebrity tail.

If I thought that was even remotely possible, I would be stepping over Anderson (adorable as he is) and taking the biggest axe I can swing to Hugh Jackman’s closet door.  I got a feeling  there’s sugar in that big ol’ tank, too.  And even if I am right, him coming out doesn’t make my chances of doing some drilling Down Under even a fraction better.  I’d just still be tugging and squeezing to his pictures that fill up my hard drive.

The “role model” thing doesn’t fly with me either.

Because that’s not his job.  That’s not what he signed up for.  He signed up to be a journalist, and more recently, a talk show host.

I feel that way about all celebrities and athletes.  Gay or straight.  Just because they can sing and dance, throw a ball further and more accurately, or deliver the news better than the rest of us, it does not make them a role model.  It just makes them famous.

I don’t care if, in private, Lucille Ball gave it to Mr. Ed with a strap on, they both made me laugh.  And that’s all they signed on for. Continue reading Role Call